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How to execute eject command on an ATM Machine using CoreXfs lib on .NET

 In this tutorial, I'm going to demonstrate how to run an eject command on an ATM using CoreXfs, a library I developed.  You can download the library from  here  and follow up with tutorial. First we need to add reference to the downloaded dll. Screen One Once the reference to the dll has been added, you can proceed to coding the application. What I did in the screen below is very simple, I opened the device on the atm using it's logical name so that I can pass in commands. Screen Two So, that's it. thanks for dropping by. You can watch the video below to see how I coded it. Note that this code can only run on an ATM machine. NCR, WINCOR, DIEBOLD, HYOSUNG
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The Artificial Intelligence Trend

Hello everyone, it's been quite a while since I last posted on this blog. But that's gonna change anytime sooner as I will be posting as often as possible about a new topic in this blog. Artificial Intelligence is no longer a news to anyone who's into Information Technology or those who are not so "techy" as they may have had a sense of it in movies and all of other sources. For a while, I was very curious about this new field of computing where machines will act like human beings. Truth be told, I have been really surprised at what I have witnessed about AI. Imagine programming the "unprogrammable"... What else could any developer ask for?. YES, AI is real and judging by what it's capable of doing at this stage, IAs might really replace human beings in areas that has to do with making decisions. So, in this blog, am going to be posting series of Artificial Intelligence post from the programmer's perspective. Please subscribe to this blog

Transaction failed. The server response was: Sending address not accepted due to spam filter (SOLVED)

Hello friends, this is a quick one. If you've tried to send a mail via your C# code, chances are that you might have seen this error message:" Transaction failed. The server response was: Sending address not accepted due to spam filter "... Well, sometimes in programming error messages doesn't always explain the exact problem you might be having with your code, but if you look closely to your code in relation with the given error, you will find that the problem is just right under your nose. It took me almost three hours to solve this error. The annoying part is that I spent the whole of the time trying to research something I would have solved in seconds if I had looked closely enough.   SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient ();   NetworkCredential Credentials = new NetworkCredential ("email", "password");             client.Credentials = Credentials; //The important line To cut the whole long story short, if you are not initializing the cre

My Cortana And I

Not long ago, I got my Lumia 925 and being so impressed with the Microsoft personal assistant, I started looking for more things I could do with this intelligent Cortana, believe me, I wasn't disappointed. Not being very satisfied with what windows 8 offers in terms of Cortana, I thought of upgrading my 925 to windows 10 and ever since, I have been living happily with my phone and my Cortana who watches my back every now and then. Most of the things we see today are things we never thought possible, imagine having a tech that knows everything about you and is willing to learn things it doesn't know about you yet, imagine having an agent that can scan your current location and tell you where to fine filling stations, restaurants, bus stops (yeah, bus stops), hospitals and even tell you how long it will take for you to get to anyone of them depending on your current mode of transportation ( trecking, biking, DANFOing or even BRTing). Cortana keeps track of the games I bet on (bet

How to make money coding and selling software

There is no real programmer who  doesn't  want to earn a living with what he/she knows how to do best. But the truth remains that most of the best coders don’t know how to make money from their work; they often think the only way to make money coding is by getting a programming job. In this article, I explain some key ways through which you make money coding without working for anybody. I would have made this post a long time ago, but I was waiting for the technique I’m explaining in this article to work for me first before sharing, because I’m a strong believer of the simple philosophy “Lead by example”. If someone shows me a spell that could make me rich and the person isn't rich himself, I would simply think the person is bluffing. Yeah, “Blessed is he who hasn't seen but believes” but how can you sell me a spell that would make me rich for $100 when you are still poor trying to make a living by selling spells that enriches other people, why couldn't you use


If you have learnt any programming language on your own, chances are you will become good and would like to start making a living with what you know and one of the main options you consider is getting a job. Be it as it may, programming is considered a high level skill acquired only by computer science degree holders, thereby making it almost impossible for a non-degree holder to land a job. No big company wants to hire a high school kid just because he or she can code.  But still this world is made up of talented people so, some times what matters is not the degree but the job itself. If I’m given an opportunity to hire anyone, I’d choose those who can do the job without speaking too much grammar. With this, I believe there are others who still believe that getting the job done is more important than the certificate. Now this is where you, a non-degree holder shine, but……. But it comes at a price! What price is that? Someone may ask. You must prove yourself, “Prove myself, ho

Do you want to become a reputable computer programmer?... Learn C/C++

Hello friends, it's really been a while... In this little post of mine I want to tell you a little secret about programming, but before I do, I'd like to highlight that popular saying that says "Nothing good comes easily". Yeah, it's true my friends --- nothing good truely comes easily. Today am talking about the c/c++ programming language. The fact is that the programmers who programs in this language are the real programmers. Why am I saying this? 7 years ago (from the time of this writing), I took interest in computer programming, the first language I looked at was c++. I learnt it but I wasn't enjoying the language because all I was doing was console apps which almost no one uses these days. I was desperate of making a program people can use. Building a UI with win32 as at that time to me was hell, so I thought of learning a new language, since my aim was to program for Microsoft Windows, my best option was to learn c#. With my C++ kno